What are Radish’s values?

  1. Transparency

    Share information openly and proactively. Avoid hiding problems and mistakes.

  2. Inclusion and Respect

    Treat others as you would like to be treated - fairly and with dignity and respect. Hear out everyone’s opinion regardless of their backgrounds, past experience, and level in the company. Celebrate the diversity of our team, content, and users.

  3. Honesty

    Be open to receiving and giving constructive feedback. Openly share thoughts when it’s in the best interest of Radish, even if it’s uncomfortable.

  4. Action-Oriented

    Take smart risks; it’s okay to fail on the way to achieving success. Have a bias for action, experimentation, and iteration.

  5. Accountability

    Take ownership and accountability of decisions and actions - own up to mistakes. Be professional - accept personal responsibility of delivering on commitments.

  6. Excellence

    Take pride in the work we produce. Recognize and reward outstanding work.

  7. User-Dedication

    Value every user relationship and continuously strive to build meaningful bridges. Provide the best experience to our users and never compromise on the quality of our content.

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We are hiring across locations including our New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seoul office.
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