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Radish Fiction is a serialized fiction app bringing “bingeable” stories to readers everywhere. Our wide variety of curated, premium, and original stories are published and read in bite-sized installments, with some stories adding new episodes up to 5 times a day - perfect for the smartphone reader.

Radish offers a magical world where readers can indulge in thousands of the hottest romance, mystery, thriller, and fantasy fiction stories. Readers can dive into everything from supernatural stories of shape-shifting werewolves to romantic tales with billionaire bosses. With Radish, there’s a story for everyone.

Built to be both user and author-friendly, Radish strives to present the newest and brightest in entertaining, diverse serial fiction to readers while providing authors with innovative ways to build readerships and monetize their work. Authors can publish their own original stories, revive backlist titles with a young, mobile readership, and pre-release upcoming books to build advanced buzz - the opportunities are endless!

2015 Founded
10,000+ Stories
2,000+ Published
500M+ Episodes Read

Radish: A New Wave of Digital Publishing

Our team consists of passionate readers, writers, and avid content consumers. Creating and sharing content is in our DNA, and most critical to that mission is the success of our writers. We launched Radish on Valentine’s Day in 2015 with the aim of providing new monetization options for writers in the fiction sphere - and for the past six years we have not lost sight of that mission.

We provide the tools to help writers (new and established alike) discover the best way to market themselves and their content. Using our data-driven approach to story optimization and growth, we work closely with writers so that breaking into the digital publishing space is no longer a daunting feat reserved for agented authors.

When it comes down to the numbers, they’re a strong testament to how we’ve built a thriving community of readers and writers: hundreds of thousands of readers visit Radish daily and we’ve brought on over two thousand writers to publish their stories, catalogue and pre-release content exclusively on Radish. With the ability to serialize their stories and keep readers coming back daily for new episodes, writers on Radish are able to build a new kind of passionate fandom and interact with their readers through live chats and comments.

In addition to growing a dedicated fanbase, helping writers monetize their readership is an important aspect of publishing on Radish. We’re deeply invested in our writers’ success. We have writers making over $1,000 in monthly revenue - with some top writers earning nearly $40,000 a quarter. We know that writing is a labor of love, and we believe in compensating our writers for the work they trust us with.

Management Team

  • LinkedIn Seung Yoon 'SY' Lee CEO | Founder Seung Yoon 'SY' Lee

    Seung Yoon 'SY' Lee is the CEO and co-founder of Radish and previously ran Byline, the largest English-language crowdfunded journalism platform. He's taking Byline's original mission of helping writers live through writing from journalism to creative writing with Radish. For his commitment to media innovation, Seung-yoon was recognized by Forbes as one of the members of the inaugural class of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia. He was the first East Asian President of the Oxford Union, world’s famous debating society and is a contributing editor for The WORLDPOST, a joint venture of The Huffington Post and Berggruen Institute on Governance.

  • LinkedIn Doohaeng Lee CPO | Head of Seoul Office Doohaeng Lee

    Doohaeng brings 15+ years of experience in product management to Radish. He was the executive product manager of Kakao Page, the leading Korean mobile fiction serial and comics platform. He introduced an innovative business model to the market and helped the online fiction and comic content ecosystem to settle in Korea. Under his leadership, the service grew from zero to $200k+ revenue and reached 10mil+ of app downloads. The service currently is running $90mil+ yearly revenue. His passion towards education led Doohaeng to Enuma, an Ed-tech company devoted to helping children meet their full potential through accessible learning apps. He led a project to build a software solution that enables children to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic; after 15 months of field tests, this product was selected as the winner for the Global Learning XPRIZE in 2019. Doohaeng majored in literature and linguistics. He has intermediate programming skills, and he loves programming for fun.

  • LinkedIn Sue Johnson CCO | Head of New York Office Sue Johnson

    Sue brings a wealth of experience in serialized content from her days as V.P. of Programming at ABC Daytime where she oversaw the soap operas, All My Children and One Life to Live. She was also responsible for diversity and talent development for the daypart, which included General Hospital. While at ABC, Sue won an Emmy award as the Executive Producer and Creator of What If… an original ABC web series. After leaving ABC, Sue was a writer and story consultant for several popular Nickelodeon teen serials. More recently Sue was a story lead for Pocket Gems mobile interactive storytelling app, Episode. Episode is the world’s largest community of interactive stories and storytellers with over 8.3 million registered creators and over 4 billion episodes viewed. Sue has BAs in Aquatic Bio. and Comm. Studies and an MFA in Film/Television from NYU’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts.

  • LinkedIn Jonghun Shin CTO Jonghun Shin

    With nearly 20 years of technical management experience, Jonghun is a senior leader with proven track record not only in engineering but also in the serial fiction and mobile entertainment space. Most notably, Jonghun helped establish Podotree, the startup behind the largest serial fiction and comics app "KakaoPage" in Korea and the second largest of its kind "Comico" in Japan, as its co-founder and CTO. During his six year tenure as CTO, he created and nurtured an agile engineering team dedicated to rapid product development and was able to fend off intense competition in the market. Due to his efforts, Podotree in 2016 hit $60mil annual revenue and raised a mega round of $107mil at $535mil post-money valuation. The company more than doubled revenue since then. He most recently served as a product and technical lead at the global messaging giant Line, helping launch its own Chatapp Store. Jonghun plans to apply his experience of co-founding and scaling a successful mobile reading platform to a global stage through Radish.

  • LinkedIn Ben Sternberg CFO Ben Sternberg

    Most recently founded and served as CFO of Fexy Media, a private equity- backed ecommerce / digital media roll-up sold to IAC in 2020. Previously was Director at merchant bank the Raine Group where he sourced and led growth equity investments and was responsible for executing digital media mergers & acquisitions. Prior to Raine, he was a VP at UBS, working on public and private financing transactions.

  • LinkedIn Taylor Carlson COO Taylor Carlson

    Taylor got his start in mobile storytelling at Pocket Gem's pioneering interactive fiction app Episode where he worked in story and operations helping to scale the product from launch to frequently appearing as a top 10 grossing game. At Episode, Taylor managed content strategy and planning, fostering a collaborative culture in which content creators use data as a tool for pushing creative boundaries. Taylor joined Radish in 2018 to help build the Live Operations team and later lead Growth and Strategy before taking on the current role of COO.

  • LinkedIn Seyoon Choi VP of Engineering Seyoon Choi

    Seyoon is a software engineering leader with 15+ years of experience of managing full lifecycle development, specializing in scaling global consumer products. Seyoon has had the pleasure of working with many high-performance teams. Previously, he was a backend engineer at Bluehole, the studio behind global sensation PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Seyoon was most recently the VP of Engineering at Zigbang, the leading housing market app of Korea. During the three years of his leadership, he ten-folded its engineering team. His work helped Zigbang grow to 20M+ users and raise $85mil from top investors like Goldman Sachs.

  • LinkedIn John Parides VP of User Acquisition John Parides

    John entered the mobile marketing space in the summer of 2010, two years after the iOS app store first launched, and he went on to work in user retention marketing. John led the user acquisition team at Glu mobile for just under six years, spending over $100m in marketing per year and more than doubling the value of the company. John lives in Alameda, CA and his favorite places are the Alameda public library, South Shore Beach, and Reinhardt Redwood Regional Park.

  • LinkedIn Jesse Murray VP of Content Jesse Murray

    Jesse Murray is the VP of Content Development and Production. He most recently came from NBC Universal, where he oversaw multiplatform content and editorial strategy for SYFY and its news and lifestyle brand, SYFY WIRE. Prior to that, he spent ten years at the Walt Disney Company and ABC, working in digital content creation and new talent development, as well as working with the creative teams of the ABC Daytime line up, including All My Children and One Life to Live.

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