Tracey Cramer-Kelly
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Stories by Tracey Cramer-Kelly


The Army Ranger Trilogy

Wounded bodies, wounded hearts… U.S. Army Ranger Cory Foster may be a battle-hardened warrior who enjoys playing the field with all the ladies, but nothing in his Army training prepared him for his little sister’s unexpected pregnancy or its tragic consequences. But his sister isn’t the only woman who blindsides the commitment-phobic soldier. Doctor Madeline Wright has good reasons for not trusting military men. But when Cory needs her help, which will win: her aversion to soldiers or her compassion? Cory is accustomed to being in command on the battlefield. But is Maddy willing to let him take command of her heart? His best friend’s sister... Ella Foster keeps looking for love in all the wrong places. Even her adored big brother couldn’t fill the empty places inside her. Maybe that’s why she gave her heart to a dirtbag who knocked her up and dumped her. His abandonment hadn’t hurt half as much as the miscarriage that followed. What she really needs is a man like Chase Richards. But her brother’s best friend is so far out of her league, why would he want someone like her? The Bro Code says you shouldn’t fall in love with your best friend’s kid sister. But the Bro Code never anticipated a woman like Ella. When Cory asks him to watch over his little sister, Chase is determined to do the right thing. He may be the quintessential nice guy, but even nice guys have their limits. Chase knows what to do on the battlefield. But how can he battle his heart when it comes to the woman who’s heated up his dreams for years?

  • Contemporary Romance

NUMBERS GAME (and other erotic short stories)

"Sinfully delicious!" A collection of irresistible, spicy tales featuring couples turning their fantasies into reality including: NUMBERS GAME (a shy-guy discovery tale): Seth's wife’s been gone two years, and he can no longer ignore his attraction to his sexy co-worker. Can Eva show him that sex and love don’t always have to go together? SWING (a sharing-couples story): A married couple receives an unexpected invitation. Will Roni allow herself to explore her new-found sensuality—with a younger man? RE-IGNITED (a second-chance light bondage tale): Eleven years since she’d seen him. Thirteen since they’d been lovers. It wasn’t like anything was going to happen between them now—especially since she was married. Then he sent her some of his poetry… FAMILY AFFAIR (a taboo erotic romance): He lost his wife to infidelity. She lost her husband to war. Was it only natural they seek solace in each other? Intended for mature audiences. Contains explicitly sexual material.

  • Erotic Romance

Reno in Flames

Not gonna get burned again… When Kaden Phillips’ marriage collapsed he was left with three things: a daughter he adores, his career as a Reno, Nevada firefighter, and a wariness of letting another woman into his life. The only woman he really allows to get close is the one he trained with at the Fire Academy and who is now his partner in battling blazes. But lately she’s lighting a fire of her own in his heart. If he allows the spark of heat between them to grow, will it destroy their friendship? Can’t fight the fire… Whether she’s knocking down fires or relaxing on the back of her green and black Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle, pint-sized firefighter Riley Carmichael is determined to prove that brains can make up for brawn. She’s equally determined not to let Kaden’s smoldering smoke-blue eyes ignite a fire in her that could burn out of control. If she confesses she’s been in love with him for years, it might ruin the solid friendship they share. Too hot to handle… But when a horrific accident on the job threatens both their lives they may be forced to confront the truth together before it’s too late. When passions get too hot to handle, can Kaden and Riley stop fighting the fire and just enjoy the heat?

  • Contemporary Romance

True Surrender: a Military Romance

Her heart was broken… Widowed mother and prosthetics designer Holly Rossiter jumped at the chance to work at Holbrook Military Medical Center in California. Helping amputees put their lives back together was both heartbreaking and magical. But when her newest patient is the man who once broke her heart, she must confront their past and his uncertain future. His body was broken… His rescue from Afghanistan terrorists offered Major Aaron Bricewick a second chance at life. But what will he do with that life if the loss of his leg derails his military career aspirations? He’s done battle before, but this time it’s personal, as he’s forced to face his internal demons and his feelings for the woman he left behind. Can love mend them both? When Aaron uncovers secrets from the past, it sends him on a hunt for the truth of what happened in Afghanistan and puts their budding romance at a crossroads. He chose the military over Holly once before, and this time it’s not just her heart on the line. When violence touches his life again, will Aaron choose his duty to the military, or will he surrender to a life—and love—he never thought he could have?

  • Contemporary Romance