Vicki Tharp
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Stories by Vicki Tharp


Steele-Wolfe Securities

One fatal mistake ended his career. Wracked with guilt, former Deputy Sheriff Wyatt Wolfe is determined to rebuild a life behind the thin blue line and reluctantly agrees to help the sheriff with an off-the-books murder investigation. An investigation made possible by his reputation around town as a cop killer. In Geneva Steele’s mind, Wolfe got away with her husband’s murder, and she devises a risky scheme to find more evidence to make Wolfe pay. But her husband’s death is not what it seems. Now she must team up with her husband’s killer to find the truth. But as their chemistry builds, so does the body count. Are the deaths the work of a serial killer or something more sinister? Something that could get them both killed. The lies bring Geneva and Wolfe together, but will the truth tear them apart?

  • Romantic Suspense

Lazy S Ranch

Settling down isn’t an option… …not when her demons refuse to die. Since returning from Iraq, veteran Mackenzie Parish has tried to find a way back to herself. Out of cash, she hires on at a Wyoming ranch. The only problem? Riding a horse is much harder than riding a Harley. But her new bunkmate, the former bull riding champion Hank Nash, is just what she needs to take her mind off her saddle sores. Estranged from his daughter, Hank has a lot to make up for, but he intends to convince Mac she should stay until then. Unfortunately, even blue skies and miles of open land may not be enough to soothe Mac’s restless soul. Or mute the constant call of the road. No one gets through life unscathed, and Hank can’t fathom what Mac has survived. It will take time, patience, and love to help her through. But when deadly trouble comes to the Lazy S, will Mac hit the road, or will she choose the man who’s helped mend her shattered soul?

  • Romantic Suspense

Cowboy Up

Bull rider Silas Foss has a simple plan: Win big. Buy land. Start roughstock ranch. Before the bulls break him or bury him. With Josephine’s eye on barrel racing’s top prize, she’s sworn off men for the long season. Besides, she’s too young to settle down. She wants to chase cans, not kids. With the end of the season near, her dream within her grasp, Josephine lets her guard down for a charming, persistent cowboy with his sights set on her. When a crisis back home could force her off the circuit permanently, all she and Silas have is here and now. Then everything that is right goes wrong. Riders are injured. Lives are in danger. Is the season cursed or sabotaged? Can Silas and Josephine come together and protect their rodeo family? Or will distance, duty, and dreams tear them apart?

  • Contemporary Romance

Black Stallion Studios

One pitch ended Alex Payne’s Major League Baseball debut. Coming out as gay… Could end his career. Alex is dropped from the team after a prolonged post-surgical rehab stint. Short on cash and determined to make a comeback, Alex will stop at nothing to get enough money to continue his therapy and training. Including jumping headfirst into the world of gay p*rn. The only catch? To work with Black Stallion Studios, you have to be straight. No problem. Until Alex is paired with Elijah Maddox, and Alex discovers he’s not so straight after all. Unfortunately, Elijah refuses to live in the closet. But when news breaks about Alex’s association with Black Stallion, Alex’s secret is exposed. Will Alex strike out and lose it all? Or can he find a way to have his career and his love?

  • Erotic Romance