Katrina VanBuskirk
I've traveled three times around the world and had the ears of kings, the lips of fools, and the money from each person I smiled upon, but I gave it all up to spend time in a small Missouri town. Whilst here, searching for myself, I spied a family of owls and in my dreams, I spoke with them, ran through moonless nights with them and found I knew their souls and they knew mine. Upon waking from this dream I picked up a pen and wrote this novel as if in a trance. I now spend an exorbitant amount of time each morning in an effort to dress plainly so that the magic emitting from my skin and from my breath isn't detected by mere mortals -- or immortals for that matter.

In other words, I took the good, I took the bad, I took them both and there I had.... The Facts of Life.

This is obviously a picture of myself and my owl. My dress keeps falling off. Kind of a crappy dress if you ask me.
In the Midnight Hour
Those Black Wings
YA / Teen
Butterfly Chaos
Fantasy / Sci-fi
A Whisper of Smoke