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Olga GOA
Hello. I'm glad to see all of you on my page!

I am a new indie published writer. I tried my handwriting in 2013 and still do in a genre of Dark Romance. You can find anything in my books - thriller, drama, sex, big love, suspense and even comedy.

My stories full of complicated characters who are not sweet, but dark and possessive with own vices as values as well. The description of badass boys became my main exploring the psychologic sphere in the world literature. I hope such stories will attract you and you will want to read more. I show you my heroes to make you believe how strong you can be.

My "Fateful Italian Passion" series (first book published on Amazon in 2017, second book - in Cecember 2019) broke the cliche of telling the story. It discoveres the relationships between a bipolar disorder man and an orphan girl - two borken people. When you read FIP, you see how difficult it is to differ LOVE & PASSION, how easy to mix them and not recognize the true feeling towards your soulmate. You will be shocked of cliffhangers that stories offer. Prepare for THE BIGGEST SAGA ABOUT LOVE!

"Hot Short Stories" - one-shot collection I wrote for fun. This book was published on Amazon in November 2017.

My third book "Club Drunken Cherry" have been published in March 2018. It's the Darkest Romance about Billionaire CEO & his assistant who met each other in the sex club cause of the strange consequences. Would this accident lead them to hell or paradise? You must find out that yourself.

Right now I write "FATEFUL ITALIAN PASSION" Book 3 & "CLUB DRUNKEN CHERRY" Book 2. If you liked the first books, I am sure, guys, you will enjoy the others. You'll find more twists and shocking end. I prepare many surprises about Milanica and Kylet. Hope you will love them!

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My site is on hiatus because of construction. I apologize, guys.
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