Fantasy / Sci-fi


A. A. Woods
In the opinion of 16-year-old Eliza Mason, there is no place worse than Meru Academy, the boarding school her parents shipped her off to so they wouldn’t have to deal with her ‘troublesome tendencies’. Her it-girl roommate hates her, her teachers pity her, and her only friend is the rich but reclusive Joe Fagan, who doesn’t exactly share Eliza’s yearning for adventure.

But one day when Eliza accepts a dare from her roommate and sneaks into the local military base, she sees something she shouldn’t. Running for her life, Eliza is rescued by five mysterious figures and ends up in a mansion with a strange old man telling her to leave it alone.

Eliza plans to do anything but.

She’s determined to find out who saved her and what’s going on at Fitzgerald Base. Little does Eliza know that the scientists there have pushed the limits of human genetics and when she finds out who saved her, she might have to save them in return.