Fantasy / Sci-fi

Red Moon season 2: Time Return

In season two of the Red Moon trilogy, Rayen, Gabby and Tony are connected by a shared secret and forced into a choice with consequences that will change each of their futures.

Rayen promised to return.

Gabby must return.

Tony can’t return.

Rayen's decision creates a heart wrenching challenge for Callan. A new MystiK male delivered to the sphere could help, since he's supposed to be Callan's friend, but his presence creates havoc and pushes Callan to make an unwanted choice. When an unexpected enemy attacks, every teen must put their personal conflict aside to unite a village in chaos.

"Time Return is even better with the first one! Absolute must read!" ~Alexandra Fedor, teen, who also read the Divergent trilogy, The Sea of Tranquility, and Thus Spoke Zarathustra