Fantasy / Sci-fi

A Whisper of Smoke

Katrina VanBuskirk
A WHISPER OF SMOKE is published as a single season, but it's the prequel to THE DRAGONRIDER OF SKALA trilogy, which is available on that Jeff Bezos corporate company website. It's published under my real name, Melinda R. Cordell, with Pauline Creeden. yay!

Skeggi has been raising his brothers ever since their parents died last year. One respite from his never-ending work is the time he spends with his sword-friends, learning to fight and fly dragons. But during battle-practice on dragonback, Skeggi accidentally stumbles upon an invasion force of Danes preparing to attack his city, and all hell breaks loose.

As the city prepares for war, Skeggi and his friends are sent on a mission to bring back the Queen’s daughter. The sword-friends run into the forest on a perilous journey. Not only must they rescue the Queen’s daughter, but they must escape the wrath of the Dane’s commander, Iron Skull, one of the most dangerous men of Viking legend. The sword-friends have found someone that Iron Skull considers more valuable than gold—his thrall girl. And now he is hunting them to get her back.

The sword-friends are going to be hard-pressed to get back to Skala … if they even survive the journey.