Thomas's Muse

Kris A. Radcliffe
Regrets pepper my life.

Years ago, an artist touched my soul, and like an idiot, I walked away. Now I’m drowning in my colorless nine-to-five job, and I can’t stop thinking about the hot guy with the brilliant hands who could have given me a life worth living.

Then I met Thomas Quidell. Again.

Tom awakens needs I thought long dead. I hunger for his art—and his touch. This could be our second chance. But he’s younger than me, and just started in my company’s Art Department. And I live with a cheating boyfriend who loves his own abs more than me.

Once again, our stars have not aligned.

When Tom realizes our forgotten connection, he offers me a lifeline out of my mind-numbing life. But what if I don’t have the strength to be what he needs?