In the Midnight Hour

Katrina VanBuskirk
Remy is a fast-talking eccentric genius who solves mysteries with the help of the Trapped Dead, and he makes a great living at doing so…until one of his investigations gets too close to the wrong people.

Sarae is still reeling from the loss of her whole family, but finds solace in freeing the Dead who are trapped on earth. She’s pretty sure she’s the only one on earth with this gift, until she meets Remy.

Their meeting unlocks a new mystery involving some missing girls, and they’re forced to work together. They start to drive each other crazy -- and that’s when the sparks fly.

But they need to get a grip, because time is running out for the girls, and some creatures that rampage in the dark night forest are doing their best to kill them off.

Rural Missouri don’t play around.