Venomous Love

Alpheus Kenith Parker was the renowned Ceo of the Parker groups, the biggest business chain in New York. He was so full of himself. He rolls in money all day. If he's not working, he's probably screwing models. Name it, he has it.

But, there was one person on his way all the time, his eternal enemy, his brother, Sebastian Cruz Parker. Sebastian just cannot sympathise with anyone. All that mattered to him were women and money. He makes more money than his brother, but illegally. His work was to trade women, for money, to men who starved for them. But most importantly he also ruled the underground world. He knows what he want, and takes it.

Kaitlyn Black. She was feisty and young. Men desired her and women courted her friendship. She was a woman who possessed a lot of secrets. She made a life she enjoyed living-a badass life. She was tough gutted. She doesn't believe in wasting time wishing, instead she makes the move, but never lets herself down for anyone. She doesn't believe in emotions, and knows exactly when to walk away. She is what she wants.

Kaitlyn had it all planned. She was ready to make her move; she was set to destroy the powerful Parker brothers. But why does she want to ruin them? In this process, will she lose her heart to the Parker brothers? Will she chose the right one? Or is there even a right one among the two? Will she get what she desired the most? Will she succeed in ruining them or was she digging her own grave?