Oceans Apart

Nikki Eckhart has been bullied by her sister, Katie, for years. As a result, Nikki has lost her identity and her self-confidence has hit rock bottom. At 25 years of age she's still living with her parents, and she's never made anything of her life.

When her brother-in-law surprises the family with a holiday, a cruise for her parents' 30th wedding anniversary, Nikki decides to embrace this new adventure with open arms. There's only one downside. Katie will be there.

Not letting this faze her, Nikki is determined to stand up to her sister once and for all and stop the bullying. She goes away with only two expectations: to find her identity and have fun.

The last thing she expects, though, is to meet someone...a man named Gavin. They couldn't be any different. She's out to find herself, have some fun, and one day find Mr Right and settle down. He's a nomad. A lonely traveller afraid of commitment. Yet despite their differences, sparks fly and the holiday becomes a whirlwind romance.

The holiday suddenly looks very interesting and Nikki finds herself trying to heal the heart of the nomad who has stolen hers.