Catrina Billowson

K. Weikel
“There’s a world,” he began as he leaned up against one of the poles surrounding the fountain. I wanted to laugh at the cheesiness of the moment, but I couldn’t. My eyes were caught on his, and I wasn’t able to look away. I was mesmerized. By what, I’ve no idea. But I was. “It’s dissimilar from the one you perceive. You are a great force in this world of weakness, and there is little that can overpower you, but many still attempt. And the look you’re giving me now is one I never received before I escaped from my painful cocoon; no one would give me the time of day. Now even you want to converse with me. Nothing is more marvelous than this life I’m existing in, Catrina.” He dropped his hand and looked into my eyes. “And since you are the one I’ve chosen, since you are the one that I had at least called a familiar acquaintance, I have decided to ask you this question of a lifetime.”

He pushed his fingers through his hair, seeming almost nervous as I tried to comprehend what these words mean. More riddles. Harvey reached forward and touched my arm, running his hand down to my elbow. I stood there, marveled, and confused, chills running down my body from his cool touch.

“Would you like to be a part of this new world, Catrina?”