Fantasy / Sci-fi

The Unnamed

K. Weikel
"I am Unnamed. My title is dead."

He has no name, but he has a category. The Runner.

That's all he is in the midst of Runners.

He'll get a name, yes. But not until his birthday.

Not until the Competitions.

Not until he earns it.

Can he do it?

Run. For your life. For your name. Don't become an Unnamed.

In the World, the Planet, and the Base, it's either be number one or die.

The alternative to dying, however, is to become an Unnamed. Turning eighteen means that you will compete for your name. Come out on top, you get a name and continue to the next two stages. Don't win, become one of the Unnamed. And no one knows what happens to the Unnamed.

Running is easy for the Runner. He's been doing it since he was five. Easy, until things start happening, abnormal things. People aren't finishing their races. Others are acting strange. Easy, until the Runner has to become an Unnamed to find out what's going on.