Melt With You

Lucy Eden
In a crowded social club in the heart of New York City full of the most successful and wealthy men in the country, Tessa Findlay grabs the attention of the wealthiest & also the sexiest.

So what does she do?

She panics and runs away, of course!


Charles Kerwin had everything in the world: money, success, fast cars, big homes, and a giant bathtub. The one thing he didn’t have: someone to share it with. That all changed the moment he laid eyes on the woman of his dreams, but she disappeared before he could talk to her.

So what does he do?

He buys the company she works for and moves to her hometown, of course!

This stand-alone novella is twenty-four hours of bat-shit crazy and has an obsessed alpha, a virgin, love at first sight, no cheating with a guaranteed happily ever after. 

Please enjoy with two pints of rum raisin on standby.