Summer Fling

A sexy summer fling isn’t Jewel’s thing. Except that rich and recklessly handsome J.T. is the most gorgeous man she’s ever laid eyes on—and his ocean-blue eyes are always on her. How long can they resist each other?

Jersey-girl-turned-islander Jewel Capriati typically spends her days hosting deep-sea fishing excursions on her father’s boats. As the season winds down, however, she succumbs to the blazing summer sun, the sultry breezes and the lure of a mysterious mainlander who’s in no hurry to return to his own reality. Jewel has learned the hard way to avoid vacationers with suggestive smiles and promises they can’t keep. But perhaps J.T. is different?

The chemistry sizzling between J.T. and the exotic local whose bikini-clad body turns his blood to magma might be the cure for what ails the young, overworked stockbroker. He finds Jewel as desirable as the languid and leisurely ebb and flow of island life. She’s too much of a temptation for him not to steal a scorching-hot kiss—and he instantly craves so much more. He knows better than to get too deep into a woman who makes him burn for her touch, especially when J.T. has a life elsewhere. One he’ll eventually have to return to.

They both know they’re playing with fire. But this is one searing island fantasy neither can resist.