Simran Multani
She sought to be his poison, to be the one to destroy and rip him apart. Little did Darcy Goodwin know, Noah Caine would be the cure to her darkness.

She sought to bury her claws in his throat, to drink his blood and revel in its taste. Little did Phoebe Goodwin know, Michael Caine's blood would be her drug. One taste and they were bonded forever.

Nothing is fair in love and war.

* * *

Darcy and Phoebe Goodwin have one mission in life: to destroy the people who murdered their family and bring down an empire getting ready for total world domination.

Even if it means they must get close to the powerful Caine family - more wolf than human - they've watched for so long.

Even if it means they transform into the one thing they promised never to become.

The Inner Circle means deceit, lust, power, and ugly truths.

Lives will be lost. Relationships will be tested. But once you're in, there is no getting out.