Hooded Pleasures

Curious about BDSM ? Looking for a Domme or Dom ? Unable or unwilling to go to a club for fear of being recognized?

Hooded Pleasures is here for you.

We provide home visits for those who can't or won't go out--trained Dommes and Doms to help you explore those hidden desires.

All we ask is that you stick to the rules. Total secrecy, total anonymity, without any emotional attachments. And no sexual contact...

Make the call.

You can lead a Domme to love…but you can’t make her fall.

Kate Dubois works for Hooded Pleasures, a service offering private BDSM sessions to those who can’t—or won’t—risk appearing in an actual club.

Lately, though, she wonders if professional burnout is causing her to have painful flashbacks to a past heartbreak. When her boss insists her next client will be a breath of fresh air, Kate reluctantly agrees to an interview.

Alex Hanson dominates the world of computer game programming, but suspects he might be a sub in the bedroom. There’s only one way to find out—hire a professional to show him the ropes.

Their first meeting puts both to the test—Alex’s self-control, and Kate’s realization she might like him a little too much. But there’s no denying their emotions are inextricably entangled…a dangerous step Kate’s not sure she's prepared to take.


From Joey W. Hill, author of "Natural Law" and The Vampire Queen Series:

"I loved Alex and Kate's chemistry, and one scene in particular touched my heart enough I re-read it several times. The author followed her own romantic heart on this story, and it showed, as did her strong writing talent. I would definitely read more stories by this author."

Romance Novel News:

"This is a supremely sexy femdom romance with a hero who is just starting to explore his submissive side. And Alex's journey was the strongest part of this book for me. I adored watching him discover his true sexual self and fall in love. Fans of femdom romance should not miss Strictly Business."