The Emperor of Time

Novae Caelum
What would you trade for a second chance at history?

Genderfluid Barenin Lyr has always known they'd kill the woman they love. After thousands of years holding the peace between humans and their own people, the bio-synthetic Aezthena, Barenin has failed. Now the universe lies shattered in countless shards of spacetime, and Barenin must step through the shard that holds their past. Barenin’s always known they'd have to kill Sela, the Aezthena woman they’ve loved for millennia, and they'd go back in time to do it. Their life is a paradox, and time is unchangeable—or so they thought.

When Barenin lands in the past at the wrong time and place—the night of their birth—they find themself embroiled in the politics of their royal past, with the power to change them. Barenin plays it safe—until they meet Oji, a brilliant insurgent doctor determined to move beyond her traumatic past. Oji is wonderfully human. Oji is the ray of hope Barenin was looking for in a lifetime of failure.

But Sela, their longtime lover, has also come back—with plans to stop Barenin, who she sees as a threat. Can Barenin build a new love in this time while also watching for their eternal flame? And if history can be changed, can they find a way to save Sela? Or is stopping their lover the only way to save the future?

Barenin teams up with their younger self and an unlikely band of allies, because the only way to know if the future can be changed is to try. Try with everything, and everyone, and every bit of heart they have.


THE EMPEROR OF TIME is a poly, non-binary, epic love story and adventure spanning thousands of years of future history.

THE KYNASTON SAGA is a parallel series to GOOD KING LYR, and can be read before, after, or alongside it.


Cover disclaimer: Individuals depicted in the images are models and used solely for illustrative purposes.