Bedding the Bodyguard

Kat Bailey is on track to win an Oscar, but in the past year she’s been embroiled in a nude photo scandal, threatened by a fan of her cheating ex, and run off the road. Left with no choice, Kat goes into hiding only to meet her charming neighbor, Luke Indigo, who has been secretly hired to be her bodyguard. Kat’s intrigued by the steely-eyed man who exudes both danger and tenderness, but when Kat learns the truth, can Luke convince Kat that she's not a job to him--she's his everything.

The Bedding the Bachelors Series:

Book 1: Bedding the Wrong Brother

Book 2: Bedding the Bad Boy

Book 3: Wedding the Bad Boy (see Rhys/Melina, Max/Grace again!)

Book 4: Bedding the Billionaire

Book 5: Bedding the Best Friend

Book 6: Bedding the Biker Next Door

Book 7: Bedding the Bodyguard

Book 8: Bedding the Best Man

Book 9: Bedding the Boss

Book 10: Bedding the Baby Daddy

Book 11: Bedding the Fake Boyfriend