Rock Dirty

As one of the hottest drummers in the world, Tucker “The F***er” Benning lives life hard. But when his band’s world tour is cancelled, Tucker finds himself stuck in an airport with no destination in mind…until he spots a redhead hurrying through the airport on her way to Paris. She’s classy, sexy, and a head turner.

Dominique “Nikki” Lorenz, heiress to her mother’s magazine empire, is hoping to leave behind her celebutante tabloid reputation and make a new name for herself in France. But when Tucker sits next to her on the flight to her new life, he presents a naughty proposal she can’t refuse.

Tucker’s life has always been about fame, fun, and f***ing around. But now Nikki needs him and he’ll do whatever it takes to win her heart…including fighting dirty. Can Tucker convince Nikki that she’s the love of his life, or will Nikki’s determination to start a new life stand in the way of their happiness?

Read both series! Rock Candy (Rock Star Bad Boys) and Rock Candy (Hollywood Bad Boys): These bad boy actors and rock stars are at the height of fame and not looking for love, but it’s about to find them anyway in these explosively sexy romances.

About Rock Dirty:

"Spectacular story! I couldn't put it down. Tucker and Nikki are great characters and great together! I can't wait to see what happens next in the series!" ★★★★★ from christyann74

"I seriously love me a Virna DePaul book. It ALWAYS exceeds my expectations." ★★★★★ from Romantically Jaded

"Awesome book! Loved the whole story between Nicki and Tucker and how they got together." ★★★★★ from wizkids32

Rock Candy (Rock Star Bad Boys):

S1: Rock Strong (Liam)

S2: Rock Dirty (Tucker)

S3: Rock Wild (Corbin)

S4: Rock Free (Wes)

Rock Candy (Hollywood Bad Boys):

S1: Rock Sexy

S2: Rock Sweet