Bad Boys of the Bay

Karin Tabke
She who dares--wins!

A sexy stranger, a night of no holds barred passion, and a secret so dangerous it could destroy their lives...

THE CHRONICLES OF KATRINA is a compilation of four connected stories: THE DARE, DOUBLE DARE, THE TRUTH, and THE CONSEQUENCE, which chronicles the sexual and emotional awakening of Dr. Katrina Winslow with the help of super stud, Captain Simon West. Their chemistry is off-the-charts amazing. I LOVED writing their story. I hope you love reading it.

Dr. Katrina Winslow has always known who she is: an elite scientist, a certifiable genius, and ultra-reserved when it comes to love and relationships. So when a simple game of truth or dare offers the cool doctor the opportunity to shed her lab coat and glasses and put on a pair of strappy stilettos, she accepts the dare. But will shedding her inhibitions for a sexy stranger fulfill her every desire and help her discover if she can be truly daring or will it cost her everything?

Hot cop Simon West is on the hunt for a bad guy when he comes face to face with a fiery little scientist who may be the key to his investigation. Renowned for his unorthodox investigative tactics, Captain West is more than happy to accept the doctor’s dare. What the captain doesn’t expect is to dare her again, but this time on his terms—terms that have nothing to do with his investigation.

Will the prim and proper scientist resist the sexy cop? Or will she allow Simon to strip her bare and guide her closer and closer to what they both secretly desire?