Rock Sweet

Outwardly, Erica Ellis seems to have it all. At twenty-three years old, she’s already hit the New York Times bestseller list and her breakout novel is being made into a network television series. But even after collecting her cushy advance for book two, she can’t seem to forget the struggles of her past or stop longing for the sexy and sweet man who’s put her firmly in the friend zone.

A former fighter turned actor, Shane Mason hides his pain behind a good-guy façade just like he hides his growing feelings for Erica. The willowy blonde is way out of his league...or so he thinks. An unexpected hookup at a party changes his thinking until Erica doesn’t remember the night they spent together.

Will Shane walk away or show Erica that he can be everything she’s ever wanted?

About Rock Sweet:

"I appreciate how each book contains a scene from another in the series so they really are inter-connected. Makes for an easy and enjoyable read." ★★★★★ from KB

"A very moving story. Loved the interplay between the characters." ★★★★★ from Romantically Jaded

"Awesome book and awesome story line!" ★★★★★ from wizkids32

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