Heart of Dragons

Cambria Brownling
“I got hooked on the world and stayed for the slow burn romance! I may or may not need a powerful dragon prince of my own 👀”

When Lynna is ripped away from her fiancé, the dashing knight Sir Brennan, to be sacrificed to the dragons that live beneath the earth, she fully expects her death will be a swift one. Much to her surprise she finds a rich and vast society full of graceful immortal dragon shifters. She is adopted into the household of the reclusive and handsome Black Dragon Riordan who makes it clear he would rather Lynna stay out of his way.

Slowly Lynna uncovers more secrets about why the dragons were banished from the earth and the more she learns the more she finds herself torn between the fiancé she lost and the powerful dragon prince she may be growing to love.