Rock Strong

Rock star Liam Collier, front man for Point Break, is at the top of his game. With two songs in the Top 10, he’s a rock-and-roll bad boy, known for his proclivity for partying and hooking up with gorgeous women. For Liam, falling in love was something he figured would happen down the road—not on the first day of his first world tour. And not with his reserved background cellist.

Classical cellist Abby Chan is on the road to join the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. But to pay back her expensive education, first she has to travel another kind of road—playing cello for a garish rock band’s world tour.

When classical music meets rock-and-roll, Abby and Liam will venture outside their comfort zones. But can prim propriety and a carefree attitude last longer than the tour? Or are they destined to be just another headline for the tabloids?

About Rock Strong:

"It was wonderful. Loved her kick ass, take no prisoner attitude." ★★★★★ from carol

"Loved this book. The characters were interesting as well as the story. I really enjoyed reading it and I would recommend it." ★★★★★ from AC

"Just wow. Virna DePaul delivers from beginning to end in this amazing romance. From characters to plot to setting the scenes." ★★★★★ from Reviewer

Read both series! Rock Candy (Rock Star Bad Boys) and Rock Candy (Hollywood Bad Boys): These bad boy actors and rock stars are at the height of fame and not looking for love, but it’s about to find them anyway in these explosively sexy romances.

Rock Candy (Rock Star Bad Boys):

S1: Rock Strong (Liam)

S2: Rock Dirty (Tucker)

S3: Rock Wild (Corbin)

S4: Rock Free (Wes)

Rock Candy (Hollywood Bad Boys):

S1: Rock Sexy

S2: Rock Sweet