The Accidental Boyfriend

Lori Freeland
Gabriel Wade isn’t a werewolf, he just plays one on TV. Jessica Thorne has never had a boyfriend, she just writes teen romance. But they both know what it’s like to have their lives ripped away. To be crazy desperate to get them back. To suffocate in the restless ache of losing someone who’s still here.

When a hotel escalator dumps homeschooled Jess onto teen heartthrob Gabe and into his limelight, he unknowingly hijacks her first kiss and decides she’s the perfect cover to throw off the press. All he has to do is convince her to play his girlfriend of the week. Except Jess wants nothing to do with TV’s Hottest Hairball or his Hollywood ego. And by the time she realizes she might need him as much as he needs her, it could be too late. Even if Gabe’s decided he wants Jess for more than one fake week.