Rock Sexy

Hollywood’s hottest bad boy, Garrick Maze, hangs with rock stars and parties harder than most. Now he’s just landed the lead in a new television series and he’s determined to prove himself. Love’s the last thing on his mind, especially when it comes to his ice queen female lead.

Gwendolyn Vickers intends to be America’s next celebrity sweetheart and that means keeping her public image pristine. The last thing she needs is to be linked to her trouble-making co-star Garrick. But Garrick is shamelessly flirty and sexy as sin, and her body craves him. Soon, so does her so-called ice-cold heart.

Eventually, however, secrets from the past clash with their new-found fame. Garrick will prove that when it comes to mixing mind-blowing pleasure with true love, he’s not about to let Gwen down.

About Rock Sexy:

"Omg I loved this book! Couldn't stop reading it. Read in one night. It made me laugh and cry." ★★★★★ from gmaboots46+

"This is a book that had me hooked from the first chapter!" ★★★★★ from Terri Eaches

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Read both series! Rock Candy (Hollywood Bad Boys) and Rock Candy (Rock Star Bad Boys): These bad boy actors and rock stars are at the height of fame and not looking for love, but it’s about to find them anyway in these explosively sexy romances.