Down Deep

Heath Dawson: football star, gorgeous man candy, and panty-dropper extraordinaire. He was also Camille Pollert’s first crush. But then he humiliated her at a high school football game, confusing her for the waterboy.

Ten years later, single mother Camille is hired to photograph NFL wide-receiver Heath and the rest of his team, the Savannah Bootleggers. This time around, Heath’s out to prove to Camille that he’s more than a hot jock, and that the intense mutual attraction between them should definitely be explored.

As things between Heath and Camille heat up, Camille falls hard. Even better, Camille’s daughter adores Heath. But Heath’s been upfront all along—his future belongs to football and he can’t afford to be distracted by anything else.

Will Camille fight for Heath and their future? And will Heath score the biggest win of his life--a love that lasts a lifetime.

Season 1: Down Deep

Season 2: Royally Deep

Season 3: Deep Inside

Season 4: Deep Desire