Real (Estate) Romance

Liz Crowe
Miranda Landon is a hot-shot real estate agent, with plenty of her own money, clothes, cars and friends. Not to mention a relationship-sized chip on her shoulder that she exorcises, frequently, with the help of as many men as possible. But despite all of this, she considers herself a failure thanks to her disastrous first marriage.

As a former cop turned accounting instructor, real estate appraiser and handy man, Sawyer Callahan struggles daily as single dad to his teenaged daughter. His attempts to keep his life under strict, somewhat OCD control, implode when he decides to sell the house that reminds him too much of his late wife.

These two meet over a simple real estate transaction, and the sparks fly high. But what happens next may surprise you.

Enjoy book 1 of my latest Real (Estate) Romance series--EXCLUSIVELY available on Radish!

Warning: It contains realistic depictions of troubled marriages, mature relationships, smart-ass teenagers, and explicit sex. Along with one of the most satisfying happily-ever-afters...ever!