Precious Vessel

Liz Crowe
Brooke Landon’s day was already utter crap by the time she caught her high-speed train from the suburbs to her new job as head of IT for TriNova New Detroit. But nothing prepared her for the screeching U-turn her life would take just a few minutes into the commute. Two explosions later, she’s clawing her way out of the carnage and her implanted fertility monitor glows red, burning the inside of her wrist.

Within hours she’s been told she’s pregnant against the very odds her staff spends hours crunching, and has seen her construction worker husband Adam accused of leading a vicious enviro-terrorist group responsible for the train bombing—right before he’s executed on live television by a member of that very group.

Hurtled into the secret depths of a medical/social experiment being conducted right under the noses of New Detroit, Brooke is forced to call on her long-touted powers of logic and deduction, and the unlikely help of Matteo, the company’s enigmatic, terrifying head of security and Leo, the CEO and “Savior of Detroit,” to uncover the truth flowing underneath the shiny new high-rises along the Detroit River.

A fast-moving thriller set against a insidious erotic backdrop of a country obsessed with reversing its bizarre, isolated zero population growth, Precious Vessel exposes the greed and corruption surrounding the revival of a major American city on the backs of its poorest and most vulnerable citizens.