Isla's Island (box set)

With the death of her husband, Isla Marinova has to try hard to pick up her life, it's a mess, and everyone she knows has turned their backs on her as an icing on the crap cake.

But on a particularly dreary night, she meets Melivia Crush, a wealthy socialite who introduces her to things she has never imagined, but these things are also illegal and could lend her in hot trouble. Will Isla take the risk or go back to the dark and heavy life she was living before meeting Melivia.


Author's note:

The characters/stories that are already introduced will be continued.

Each story that is introduced in these episodes will be continued. So please read on. Each story will get its turn with full lengh novels. Love you, guys!)

Right now, I will be posting episodes of the novel "Isla's Island."