The Man Who Loved Me

What happens when the man you once loved has changed?

After ten years of leaving, X has returned in Juliette's life, except X doesn't look like X anymore. In fact, he looks like Silas Marshall, one of the most popular tycoons in recent years. Juliette doesn't know that Silas is really X, because the man she once loved had another face and another name. She sees Silas as only a business partner, a charming one at that, one who sometimes reminds her of warmer feelings from when she fell in love with X in college.

Will Silas ever reveal who he truly is, would he ever tell Juliette that he is the man she once loved or will he enter a brand new relationship with her, making her fall in love with him all over again, but as Silas Marchall, the face and identity that he's stolen?