The Petrakis name is well known around the world.

But Athanasius Petrakis isn’t.

In the year 2016, his name has been lost through time and he is known only as the banished Petrakis family member. In the year 1104, he is known as The Cursed Prince who has been exiled from and denied his birthright in Greece. He is on a quest for vengeance with his powerful army aboard one of his most prized possessions, his ship The Ariadne.

The name was given him in a dream.

He returns home from a battle, and while he is speaking to his best friend and right hand man Erastus, a portal of sorts appears in the room. Both men welcome it, seeing it as a new adventure wherever it would lead them.

Straight to the year 2016.

Ariadne Hertz is the daughter of world famous and legendary inventor, Konrad Hertz. She is a shy girl who is despised by her elder sister Kalliope and overlooked by her mother Eugeneia. Only her brother Sebastian and father give her the time of day.

When Konrad tells her and Sebastian that he has a new invention to show them, the last thing they expected was for Konrad to tell them that he’s cracked time travel. He sends them on a trip back to the past as a test, and they’re successful.

Except for the woman who travelled back with them.

Ariadne didn’t know it then, but the woman would prove to be a miniscule problem in comparison to the Grecian Prince who her brother accidentally sent into her life.

Little did she know that she would have to make the toughest decision of her life- live in the present and forget about Athanasius, or return with him to a past life she knows nothing about and help him reclaim what is his?