Truth Moon

Kay Freeman
"You only need to know what I decide. No reason to concern yourself with time or anything else," the biker said. What had Rory gotten herself into, agreeing to come to their clubhouse? Find out!

Her new life teaching yoga is threatened by a sexually harassing boss who knows her secrets. Then she becomes a target of a local motorcycle club to work in their escort service specializing in BDSM, and it's no accident.

Truth Moon is a dark suspense romance that explores themes of acceptance and transformation with a strong female protagonist that turns the tables on and keeps the men in her world on the run. A cocktail with equal parts, Sons of Anarchy imagery, Buddhist philosophy, Shades of Grey, and 365 Day attitude. Serve with ice. You're going to need it ... a slow burn.

Content/Trigger Warning: There's a fine line between warnings and spoilers, but the author believes you should enjoy your reading experience. This story contains dark scenes of blackmail, confinement, dubious consent, sexual trauma, near-rape, light BDSM activities, and discussions of past sexual abuse experienced by the heroine, and references to the hero's war experiences. The story also contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts as the storyline develops.

This is not a gender-neutral story. It's a biker-based plot. Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs are not known for gender equality. The transformation of people is at the heart of the story and hopefully, by the end, this will happen. Flaws in characters are an essential part of romance and in real life, too (unfortunately.)