Amare Antiquis

Julian R. Hillis
Jett Amato never thought he would join the divorced club, but in fact, he had. Moving onto the property given to him by his late grandfather, was perfect after the divorce was finalized. Accept for the nasty neighbour, who seemed to have it out for him and his dogs. With a whole life switch, he thought nothing could make this new life better.

Malakai Spencer is far too old to have his peace and quiet ruined by a human not even a quarter of his age. After his neighbour and friend passed away the last person he expected to move into the old place was his grandson Jett. Malakai had watched this boy grow up into a man over the years. He really was not fond of Jett's noisy dogs either. You couldn't blame him though, he was an ancient werewolf.

An accident will bring them closer together than ever before.