First Rodeo

Jodi Payne and BA Tortuga
When James O'Reilly is murdered, Sam O’Reilly loses his older brother and Thomas Ward loses his sub and lover. Thomas, a New Yorker and a sophisticated Dom, begins searching for a legal solution, but Sam, a Texan and a former rodeo cowboy, heads for New York City determined to bring his brother's killer to his own brand of justice.

Neither expects their connection to the other, but having each lost someone irreplaceable, their hearts are crying out for comfort almost as loudly as their bodies are longing for each other. Some yearnings refuse to be ignored, but transcending their differences to explore their needs and the fragile connection between them will prove to be a steep a hill to climb--the first of many.

Just as Sam and Thomas take the first tentative steps on the rocky path that might lead to a relationship, the killer steps out of the shadows...

And this time, his sights are set on Sam.