Pride & the Billionaire

When fire meets ice, steam is supposed to form. Instead, Ronnie and Aiden produce puddles.

Ronnie Bixby is a sassy, foul-mouthed American college student with a penchant for Joel McHale and dancing to Katy Perry songs.

Aiden Shawe is a sarcastic, uptight Englishman with more money than either of them can count.

When they collide, steam rises and puddles form.

Due to social situations - including but not limited to: Aiden's sister becoming Ronnie's college roommate, Ronnie's sister falling in love with Aiden's best friend, and Ronnie having the worst luck ever - they are forced to interact with each other.

As they slowly start to get closer, an old school acquaintance of Aiden’s enters the picture and does something that could potentially ruin any chance Ronnie has with Aiden, especially if Aiden’s influential Aunt Judy Solomon has anything to do with it.

But that’s only if Ronnie and Aiden can overcome their respective pride and admit to having feelings for each other in the first place.

Four Sides of an Attitude is perfect for fans of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice and The Duff if it was set in college rather than high school.