Her Ex-boyfriend's Werewolf Lover

Cassie Alexander
I loved Vincent and he loved me. Undoubtedly, incontrovertibly, with the fire of a thousand suns. But before me? He loved Max. The man who broke his heart, and the reason he had a wolf print tattooed upon his chest. I didn’t expect Vincent to get gunned down, but Vincent knew he was in danger -- and he knew only one man could save me from dying too. He threw me into Max’s strong arms from beyond the grave. Max and I both want to avenge Vincent, more than anything -- and Max is capable of it because he’s a freaking werewolf. The only problem is, he needs a mate, and I’m just human me. Her Ex-boyfriend’s Werewolf Lover is a sizzling bisexual werewolf mafia romance. This book is very hot, intense, and has a fantastic HEA