Mint to Be

Conjuring three fake dates to attend a wedding, no problem. Surviving the experience unbroken…

Thanks to a drunken boast about my relationship status, this ugly duckling needs to find three people to fake date in time for my best friend’s celebrity wedding. One trip to the office later, and I have my recruits:

Leo – PA extraordinaire, friend, & fashion guru. How was I supposed to know he has a crush on me?

Elodie – My new intern. The dreamer. Also, prospective crazy cat lady. She made a mistake once, now she’s determined to prove her screenwriting mettle.

And Jet – The repair man. The wild card. The enigma who makes my heart boom, boom, boom.

We each of us have our own reasons for playing along, some more obvious than others. Now all we have to do is make our polyamorous quadouple convincing. Heartache is not on the agenda. After all, none of it’s supposed to be real…

Other titles in the Stirred Passions series include Cherry Bomb Snowed in with the Bad Boys, & Straight for My Bodyguard