Bound By Shadow

Lied to by her magical family, human Siggi must betray them and bind herself to a man she thought was her enemy to save her people and uncover her magic.

Living with eternals, beings who survive off human blood, is all human Siggi has known. On the night of her transition she is betrayed by her family, the royal family of Luxtera. To stop them, she binds herself to Eirik, a man from the opposing land of Myrkria. Her family only wanted her for the power that's dormant in her blood.

Escaping Luxtera, Eirik helps her open her eyes to her powers, which are as terrifying as the magic binding them. She must learn to trust herself and decipher whether or not what she feels toward Eirik is from the bond or something more. She has to, or else she'll never be able to stop her family's dark plans. If she isn't careful, the slightest mistake could have irrevocable impact on what she holds dear.