Wedding the Bad Boy

Grace Sinclair went from interviewing prospective fathers for her baby daddy plan to getting engaged to the man of her dreams. Now she’s planning a wedding with bad boy Max Dalton. What she doesn’t know is Max isn’t going to wait months to make her his.

When Max suggests they still have their big wedding later but legally wed early and honeymoon in Europe, Grace can’t resist. Only before they can set their plans in motion, Grace receives news that threatens her dreams. Wanting only to protect Max, she attempts to slow things down.

But Grace seriously underestimates Max, who doesn’t hesitate to remind her: bad boys are the best men at getting what they want.

And he wants Grace—forever.

**Readers fell in love with the Dalton brothers in the Bedding the Bachelors series. You saw Max fall in love with Grace Sinclair in Bedding the Bad Boy. This novella continues to follow their HEA and their slightly rocky journey to becoming husband and wife! Readers will also catch up with Rhys and Melina, and Jamie and Lucy, and their little ones…

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