My Nemesis

Lauren Palphreyman
He holds her hands above her head, threading his fingers in between hers so she can’t access her superpowers.


Nick is a villain. He destroyed a world. For the past five years, he’s been tasked with destroying this one.

Emily doesn’t want to be a superhero. The world has treated her badly all her life. It’s not fair that she is chosen to save it. It’s even worse that the supervillain she has to defeat has such pretty eyes.

When suspicions arise that Nick has become infatuated with his nemesis, someone even worse is sent to finish the job. Only – to Nick's surprise - the thought of this new guy touching Emily is making him . . .mad. She’s HIS nemesis, after all.

Now, Nick must make a decision. Destroy the world like he's supposed to. Or join forces with his arch nemesis and save it.

And maybe even win her over in the process. . .


An adult superhero x supervillain romance for readers who enjoy enemies to lovers, supervillains, and a hint of darkness to their stories. My Nemesis is the new story from the author of A CIRCUS OF INK, THORN, and ACCIDENTALLY SOLD TO THE DEVIL.

CW: Contains strong language, scenes of a mature nature, and a slow burn angsty romance!