Sex, Love, and Assassination

He wants to claim her, possess her, rename her.

But she has a different agenda...


Chadrick needs to die.

I’m ruined. My life is ruined. Because of him.

Soulless, heartless, unremorseful, he took everything from me.


Now, I’m after his soul.

And no, I will not allow his good looks, suave style, or panty-incinerating body to distract or dissuade me.

Nor will I allow his deadly dark eyes to scare me.

Unlike everyone else, I’m not afraid of him.

The. Chase. Is. On.


Jhay needs saving.

I’ve ruined her life. She’s lost, roaming the darkness all on her own, because of me.

Bitter, impulsive, seething with revenge, she thinks she hates me. Thinks she wants me dead.

I know I should kill her. Kill or be killed, right?

Except, I can’t.

I’m shot down. Infatuated.

I’ve always been.

And while she’s after my life, I’m after her heart.

The. Chase. Is. On


This book contains strong sexual content, adult language, violence (cold-blooded/unwarranted murders), completely irredeemable characters, and a crap ton of C-R-A-Z-Y. Put simply, this is NOT your typical romance. It's DARK and non-formulaic. You were warned. Recommended for ages 18 and over.

***Point of View Narrative***

This book is written in dual POV, interspersed with short, relevant side characters' POVs.

- Female MC: First Person POV

- Male MC: Third Person POV

- Outside Characters: Third Person POV