Dating My Brother's Best Friends

My brother was doing me a favor when he asked his two best friends if one could be my date to a fancy work party. Unfortunately, BOTH of them showed up and now my rigid boss, who didn’t like me to begin with, thinks I’m in a polyamorous relationship. The kicker? She’s proud of me because it turns out she’s in a (secret) poly relationship too.

When I try to tell my boss the truth, things don’t go well. Now, to keep my job, I’m faking a relationship with Landry, the happy-go-lucky charmer trying to mask his pain, and Fletcher, my bearded, tattoo artist ex-boyfriend holding a grudge.

Soon, I’m creating spreadsheets to keep our facts straight, attending swanky parties at my boss’s (aka my new best friend’s) mansion, and even attending couples therapy. Then things get (even more) complicated…

Now it’s not just my career on the line, but my heart. Because Landry and Fletcher agreed to fake it, and I’ve fallen in love…with both of them.


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