The Billionaire's Matchmaker

Frustrating. Complicated. Arrogant.

Words Madeline Perkins uses on a regular basis to describe Robert Swift, CEO of his own company, billionaire playboy who insists he will never settle down, and Madeline’s boss. Madeline is responsible for everything Robert doesn’t want to deal with, and that list includes everything from scheduling important meetings to dealing with people to escorting his one night stands out the next morning. In other words, he wouldn’t survive without her.

However, Madeline is getting bogged down with her mounting responsibilities so Robert hires a personal assistant for his personal assistant. At first, Madeline is resistant to Jewel and what she has to offer but then she realizes she could help Jewel by setting her up with the company heartthrob. After all, Madeline has an impeccable record when it comes to setting people up.

However, when Jewel starts falling for Robert himself, Madeline is forced to reevaluate whether meddling in someone else’s love life is actually beneficial for them. More than that, Madeline starts to realize that her feelings for Robert aren’t completely professional. Now, she must decide if she wants to help Jewel or if she would rather help herself - that is, if she admits she has feelings for Robert in the first place.

Four Sides of a Triangle is perfect for fans of Jane Austen’s Emma and Iron Man without the superhero storyline.