The Were-Weapon Chronicles

Investigative journalist Lara Tucker is not new to risking her life for a story. She's stared serial killers in the face, exposed corrupt politicians without blinking, and even made friends with a human weapon that shifts into a werewolf on command.

But this isn't just any story.

It's the story.

Lara knows the mayor of Perry, Stephanie Guzman, is behind her uncle's murder, and with the help of Jon Hawkins - werewolf without consent - she intends to prove it, even if it means risking her life.

But Jon has secrets of his own, secrets even Lara doesn't know about that could compromise everything Lara has worked towards.

Lara knows she should be afraid of him. He has more blood on his hands that can ever be wiped clean. He's a monster, a beast. He could kill her with his bare hands.

And yet, he's the only person she trusts.