Young Adult

Detention & the Bad Boy

Detention is not the place where you're supposed to meet your next boyfriend, especially when he's Asher Boyd, known pothead and occasional criminal. But he makes good girl Sadie Brown feel something she hasn't really felt before - extraordinary.

Seventeen-year-old Sadie Brown is a good girl from a good neighborhood who gets good grades and makes good choices. In the past, she's dabbled in making bad ones and ended up with an ex-boyfriend, a couple of bruises, and a year and a half of wasted time.

Never again.

Until detention, when she officially meets Asher Boyd, notorious pothead and occasional criminal. He's everything she shouldn't want in a potential boyfriend - irresponsible, unreliable, and frustrating - and everything she can't resist.

After an impromptu makeout session in a supply closet at the end of detention, rumors follow Sadie into next week, and when people start making assumptions based on those rumors, she is thrust into her high school's hierarchy. Suddenly, everyone has an opinion on her sex life, and her reputation is tarnished for something she didn't even do. Worst of all, Asher isn't around much and doesn't seem to care when he is.

But there's more to Asher than meets the eye, more than just the superficial stereotype he indulges in to meet low expectations, and the darkness no one sees is enough for Sadie to risk her reputation to be with him... If he's willing to take the chance on her, that is.