On Tour with the Rock Star

Holly Dunn didn't know that when she studied at a rock concert, the lead singer would call her out on it. Tommy Nye didn't know he'd be intrigued by her odd sort of ways, which is why he invited her and her friend to go on tour with him.

All Holly wants to do is finish her finals, graduate from grad school, and start her marriage and family therapist internship. The last thing she wants to do is complete her mandatory hours with some has-been eighties rocker and his band of misfits, traveling the country during their comeback tour. But when her friend begs her to take the chance, and when her college advisor tells her any hours allotted with the band will count towards her required number, she finds herself unable to say no.

Tommy Nye wants to relive his glory days when his music topped the charts and he topped the world. When he's confronted by a cute college student most decidedly not paying attention to him and his band during their first concert on their tour, he can't take his eyes off of her. In typical Tommy fashion, he acts before he thinks, and before he knows it, he has two new people on tour with him, with one all over his drummer and the other trying to knock down the walls he's worked so hard to build up.

When a young woman planning for her future and a man desperate to live in the past collide in the most unexpected way, it's necessary to readjust their priorities and focus on the present, before their chance at love disappears.