Forever Fated

TW: Domestic violence is talked about in this story, but not depicted.

He’s the one who got away… in their last life!

Jackson Dunn destroyed Winter Voss their last time around. But last time Winter was vulnerable, innocent, and gullible as hell.

But this time, when Winter sees her Neversoul, she poses as a reporter writing about the Colorado Triangle— a place where women go to disappear.

She has every intention of breaking the ancient curse between them forever. But she lands smack in the middle of a nationwide hunt to find a Senator’s wife who was kidnapped only days before in Boston. Now Winter has to save the Senator’s wife and break the Neversoul curse, all without losing her heart to Jackson Dunn… again.

But nothing in Colton is as it seems. And Jackson, who knows nothing about curses, Neversouls or any other fairy tales, has other plans for the feisty reporter who broke into his world. If he has his way, Winter Voss won’t get the story she came for. But she’ll choose never to leave Colton again.